Sunday, May 24, 2009

How different are we? I was reading an interesting book recently called The Overspent American by Juliet Schor. She talks about the "new differentiation" of consumer items and the irony that products out there tend to be more common than diverse. And, that although we often use consumption to differentiate ourselves, and be unique, she argues, we "all end up looking more or less predictably the same." So, how different are we from the next person who buys a pink one rather than a blue one?


anne said...

Hi Kon,

This is my THIRD attempt at leaving a comment. I suck at this social networking stuff.

Just dropping in to say how much I love your work--all of it--the 3D stuff, the silkscreens and the animation. I find it all very moving.


PS. If you reply to my google blog, I probably won't read it--I just activated it to say hi, here.

kon said...

Hi anne!

I'm so glad you didn't give up! Thanks for your kind comments about my work. It's very flattering coming from you!

I bet I can guess which part of the animation you like best!

Johnny said...

Hi, Kon, how are you?

Thank you so much for sending a wonderful invitation card to your personal exhibition. We do love your works.

Unfortunately, we can’t go this time since Ryo will take part in piano concert on the second weekend of June, and we'll have to prepare for it. I really want to see your works and want to feel from them. So, I will appreciate it if you will send the invitation card next time, too.

kon said...

Hi Johnny,

Thanks for your comment! I'm just happy that I could send an invitation to you and Umi. There will be many other opportunities. I'm sure. Or I can show them to you next time you come to Vancouver.

Aki says that she wishes she could go to Ryo's piano concert. Ryo-kun ganbatte ne!

Jonnny said...

Hi Kon,

Thanks for giving me a next chance to see your works in the future. Your works are terrific!

We will plan to visit Vancouver next year to meet your new born baby, familiar and your works!
Oh! I can't wait!^O^

Also, thank you and Aki for yell to Ryo. I'll tell him your warm hearts.