Is he or isn't she?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Some little ones that just came out of the kiln.

I was in the doctor's office the other day waiting for an appointment,
and Tracy Chapman was playing on the radio.
I was thinking, "what a nice surprise!"
"Who'd expect to hear Tracy in a place like this?"

Then I overheard a conversation between the 3 receptionists:

Receptionist 1: This singer is a guy but his name is Tracy.
Receptionist 2: Yeah (sings along)

I'm thinking they don't know Tracy Chapman?
I must be getting really old...

Receptionist 3: You know what? I think this is a girl.
Receptionist 1: Are you sure?
Receptionist 2: I thought she was a guy.

They all giggle and sing along.

Then one of them gets up calls out "Margaret" and I get up and we look at each other briefly, before she escorts me to an examination room. I'm looking to see if she makes a connection...

Nope. Vacant, nobody home.


Johnny said...

Hi Kon,

Are you OK? (The reason why I am asking is that you went doctor)

I didn’t know Tracy Chapman though I am old enough^O^ I jumped her HP and heard her songs. They impressed on me! I think they are from her new album. Do you think new one is better for the first CD? Or, if you have something in your mind, please recommend.

By the way, all twins in photo are

kon said...

Hi Johnny!

Hope you are doing well.

I'm fine. I was just going for my annual check up. Thank you for asking.

You're right! You are old enough but I guess Tracy Chapman wasn't as popular in Japan in the early 90s. Here in North America, she was really popular, especially in the women's and queer communities. She was the symbol for young queer women.

I think her best album is her first. It is called Tracy Chapman. My favorite song is "fast car" but there are so many great songs on that album. If you get it, try playing "for you" for your sweetheart. It's very romantic!

Thanks for your comments about the twins. Itsumo arigato!

Johnny said...

Hi Kon!

Good! I am glad you are not sick.
I am doing fine, too^O^

Thanks for your tip!
I have placed an order for her first album with Amazon.
My sweetheart loves romantic music, so she will feel delight.
I can't waiiiiit!

Johnny said...

P.S. Kochirakoso-arigato!

kon said...

Hi Johnny,

That's exciting that you ordered Tracy Chapman's CD. You won't be sorry... She's great!!!

Let me know which songs you like!

あき said...


"I had a feeing I could be someone..."

kon said...

Hi Aki,

Thanks for your post!
You are someone...and very precious!

Johnny said...



kon said...

バカップルですね。Oh well.

海さんといつもそういう会話しているんじゃないですか? ho ho ho...

Johnny said...


まだTracy Chapman来ない(悲)


な、なんで、こんなに待ってるときに限って遅いん? しょうがないので、ほかのCDでロマンチックな会話して待つことにするね。

kon said...


Hurry up, Amazon!!!


Kei said...

Hi Kon,


Last month, when Mii & I met Johnny & Umi, I obtained a "secret" about them. Their "secret" has something to do with "the number 6." Wow!!!

Kon, if you want to know what "the number 6" means, please ask Johnny. I'm too young to talk about it.


kon said...

Too young? ha ha! I'm sure you're not so innocent, Kei.

Number 6, eh? We'll have to squeeze it out of Johnny!