Monday, June 1, 2009

These days I've been trying to make some work outdoors, in the back yard. And, lucky me, our kitty familiar seems to want to keep me company so she wanders around while I sit and do my thing.

Looking at her, it occurred to me that she is so perfectly adorable that I could never begin to make anything that could even come close to being as wonderfully cute as she is. Sometimes I run into the spot in the bathroom where she likes to snooze, just to catch a glimpse of her cuteness. She truly enriches my life...all the time (except for those early morning yowls!) Thanks familiar!


Johnny said...

She is absolutely cute! Umi is keeping saying "famliar is so cute. I miss her a lot."

Enjoy your outside work!^O^

kon said...


So nice to hear from you! Thanks for posting. familiar is quite old, probably 18 years or so, but she seems to just get cuter and cuter...(lucky her, eh!)


Kei said...

Kon-san, you're totally "oyabaka"!
And me, too. Ha ha ha.
I love my son---Takechiyo!

kon said...


Thank you for posting.

Yes, I guess I am pretty "oyabaka". It's kind of embarrassing because I don't even realize it.

I'm glad you understand, though...I'm sure Takechiyo is pretty cute. Looking forward to meeting him soon, and sharing "oyabaka" stories.