test tiles

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A small batch of cone 10 test tiles. What am I going to do with these?


Johnny said...

Hi kon!

These can be a wonderful toy for baby! Puzzul? Building-bricks(tiles)? Maybe baby will create how to play with these because of your baby ^O^

kon said...

Hi Johnny!

That's a good idea. Maybe I should make more? or maybe I should wait until baby tells me what she/he wants.

Have you and Umi been listening to Tracy?

Johnny said...


Tracy is terrific!!!

Umi poured Tracy's music into my iPod(I still don't know how to
do it^^;) so that I'm listening all the time.

I am still wondering which song is best since every songs are great.

Top 5 are " baby can I hold you", "fast car", "for you", "Talkin' Bout a revolution", "for my lover".
I don't think I can pick one^^;

I really appreciate you gave me a special encounter.

By the way,
If you have a chance, you'd better make more tiles!
Your works are fantastic. I like them very much.
I think those tiles make people idyllic and happy.

kon said...

Hey Johnny,

Those five are definitely good ones!
That's nice that Umi did that for you. She's sweet, eh?

Thanks for the encouragement about the tiles and my work. I really appreciate it.