my little supporter

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My nine-year old nephew is one of my biggest supporters. One time, when he was about four, he was over at our place and we were doing some little craft projects together. He was so impressed by anything I did and said, "you're such a good art-er!" I don't know if I'd even have called myself an "art-er" at the time, but he seemed to think my skills were just fine. Since then, he has often asked me about my artwork, and recently, we made some things with clay together.

He loves to play baseball so of course, he wanted to make a baseball. I could understand because I love ball, too. So he made a hollow clay ball, and painted black laces onto it. Then, he decided that he wanted to write "Mariners" or "Ichiro" or "baseball" on it, but I insisted on something different.

After much debate, he decided on "bald heads". I told him that he'd appreciate the uniqueness of it later, when he grew up.


Mel Robson said...

Very cute! I have a niece who looooves spending time in my studio. I've been teaching her how to slipcast and handbuild and she absolutely loves playing on the wheel - just making a big lovely mess at this stage! Its wonderful watching little ones at work with things like this. Quite inspiring.

kon said...

Hi Mel,

It is very inspiring to watch children in the studio. They're so open and sincere. It might take me a lifetime to recapture that...